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Powder Coating

In January 2014 DFC have installed a second large oven furnace 6.5 metres long, 2.35 wide and 2.8 high and refurbished our existing premises to facilitate this new installation including a new Powder Booth and Water-wash.

We cater for all kinds of items including, Balcony’s, Entrance gates , Railings, Garden furniture, Hotel and Shop fittings, Signs, Motorbike frames, Alloy wheels, heavy industrial machinery etc.

We provide excellent adhesion and quality to our powdered finish, Salt tests by a leading heavy duty machinery manufacturer for whom we powder shows our finish will last 15 years of the machines life time without signs of corrosion.

Our turn around time is 2-3 days maximum. Our staff are highly experience and qualified this is proven by our reputation.

DFC have in place a JIT (just in time supply chain) with a multinational company Multihog for whom we carry out all the powder coating on new machines which they manufacture for the Global market.

We can powdercoat in a full range of colours, for a colour chart, click here

Our Oven working dimensions are 6.5* long 2.35 wide *2.8 high.

  1. This new plant enables DFC Ltd to reduce the turn around time.
  2. Powder coat items more efficiently and cost effective.
  3. Powder coating long and bulky items.
  4. Provide excellent adhesion and quality
  5. Up to date environmentally friendly recovery system.
  6. We can powdercoat in a full range of colours, for a colour chart, click here

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